About Me!!!

Hi, I’m Blondie. And this blog, is a place for me to keep what little sanity I have left. I absolutely love books, some would say my whole world is centered around them. I am one of those people. So this tiny little portion of the internet that my blog is featured on is, my way of showing my dedication to books, and authors, through hauls, tags, lists, and of course sarcastic comments. So, stick around and try to read my posts with out rolling your eyes (too much) or shutting down your device and running to the nearest book store (too often) because I really don’t like being sued over making people spend there entire pay checks at the book store. Any way I love you guys, and until you read another one of my blog posts, stick your nose in a book! That’s an order! BYE! ~Blondie

3 thoughts on “About Me!!!

  1. Hey blondie, you know who I am.. let me describe myself. Im a blonde as well, I have glasses, I am shorter than you(by a lot!!!) I am one of your best friends and on your birthday I gave you a home-made card. Can you guess who I am? Well you probably already know! I just wanted to congratulate you on your amazing blog and the awesome outcome from it! Love you! Message me!! ~eff

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