Re-acting to my old book blogs (1 year anniversary special)


Welcome to my 1 year anniversary special! By the way if you keep reading, I reveal my real name. Shocking right? Blondie actually isn’t my name. Okay, so I’ve never seen a blogger reacting to one of their old blog post, but I’m gonna try to do it in a none confusing manor.

Blue = Present day Hannah (That’s my name CONGRATULATIONS!) is reacting to past Hannah who was then Blondie. Can we just call Present Day me Hannah, Past me Blondie? Okay, I’m gonna do that.

Red = Blondie talking to her then readers not knowing that Hannah was going to react to her.

Black = Just me talking for blog purposes. Black is basically the moderator.

Okay so the first old blog I’m going to be reacting to is my “8 Popular Series I Haven’t Read Yet” This should be interesting.(Warning: Typos will be seen and I will leave them in because Hey, that was part of that blog post)

Warning: The following content may be frustrating for some viewers. I am sorry ahead of time if I insult your favorite series in any way.

Okay guys, by the time you’re done reading this blog post you will probably never want to even look at my blog ever again..sorry. SO, let’s get started.

1. The Harry Potter Series.

Yes, I do realize almost every avid reader in the existence of the earth since 1995 has read this book. And the reason I haven’t managed to pick up this series is, I just haven’t had the time. My TBR list is too big to fit on a shelf by itself, and adding a lot of, thick books that I will most likely drool over for a least 6 months, doesn’t seem reasonable right now. But,  I promise I will be picking up this series very soon.

One year later I have just finished Goblet of Fire and I did read The Cursed Child. And I don’t know what I was talking about with the TBR list being too big. My TBR list right now is bigger than it’s ever been and it still doesn’t take up it’s own shelf because my shelf are fricking LONG way back when I might have had 8 books on my TBR list. WAIT did I even have shelves back then? Wait, I did but they were super tiny but I could easily fit 3oish books on the two shelves it sported. I was so dumb.

2. The Twilight Series.

To be honest I don’t think I’ll be picking up this series anytime soon, for a couple of reasons. 1. I’m not into vampires (Unless, you are Basilton Grimm-Pitch from Carry On, then you are amazing and I love you) 2. I’m not into love triangles THAT much, especially when the entire series basically depends on it and 3. I basically already know what happens by now, I mean who doesn’t. But still, I am very thankful to Stephanie Meyers, because she is one of the founding fathers (mothers) of YA books

Okay, my views are actually the exact same except that I added a vampire to the free-pass list, Simon Lewis from the Mortal Instruments Series, and he was human for awhile, and even though he’s a vampire he’s a daylighters so yeah. OH WAIT! The Coldest Girl In Coldtown! I love all the vampires in that books, so I guess my view on vampires has changed a little tiny bit but I still like werewolves better.

3. The Throne of Glass Series.

I honestly don’t know much about this series besides, it’s about a kick-butt assassin with a broken past, and that’s it’s really, really good. So, basically I have no excuse besides the fact that I ‘m more into YA realistic fiction.

Still haven’t read Throne of Glass, still know it’s really, really good. I’m pretty sure it’s about a kick-butt assassin. The only thing that has changed is that I’m more into fantasy YA books.

 4. The mortal Instruments Series.

Yeah, I don’t have an excuse for this one either. I just don’t have time for any big series at the moment, but I promise right here right now that I will read this some time in the future, but probably not the near future.

Okay, so I started reading The Mortal Instruments in March and I’m currently saving the very last book (City of Heavenly Fire) for Christmas Break when I have enough to time to digest that ENORMOUS book. And I don’t know what I was talking about having no time for a big series. Like I was 12, I needed to calm down, I never did anything. Also, There was a typo and I didn’t capitalize ‘mortal’ so I’m leaving it in.

5. The Outlander Series.


Can I go back in time and just slap myself. I mean I actually did read Outlander, and it is a really big book, and it takes a lot of time. But this is still really cringey.

6. The Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Series.


This book looks SOOOOOO good and I’ve been tempted to pick it up at the bookstore 25 million times, but there’s like a 2 year wait in between each book and my brain can barely wait a year, so I’ll probably be holding off on this one until the series is finished.

Guess what. The series is finished. The movie is out, and I can’t watch the TIM BURTON movie until I read it. What’s wrong with me?

7. The Game of Thrones Series. 

I’m sorry but I didn’t even realize this was a book until a couple of months ago, little did I know it was a book until a couple of months ago, little did I know it was a really big book at that, and also the obvious reasons that I’ve been giving for the rest of this blog.

Yep, I kind of agree with my past self. For once.

8. The Lunar Chronicles.

Yes, I love re-tellings but I don’t like sci-fi or sci-fi crossovers so even though I’ve only heard good things about this series, I don’t think I’ll be reading this series ever. Sorry?

Honestly, I’m not sure I disagree with this. Nothing in my heart or soul wants to read this series. I’m sure it’s amazing and I’m sure it’s action packed and did I say amazing. But, I’m also pretty sure it’s not for me.

So, there you have it folks. My name, is Hannah Leigh and I have not read every book in the universe, but I am working on it.

Bye guys ~Blondie








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