Jodi Lynn Anderson Interview!

Hey guys it’s Blondie and yeah I realize I’ve been kind of MIA for about 2 weeks but I have a good reason, my computer was acting up, (I fixed by using Google Chrome now) and then I went on vacation and now I’m back! So here’s an interview for you guys with wait for it…JODI LYNN ANDERSON! Author of Tiger Lily, The May Bird series, The Peaches series, and much more. So here’s the interview:


1.Some authors have described their writing process as…kind of a domino effect. How would you describe yours?

I usually start with two or three opposing or seemingly unrelated ideas – things that I’m excited about but that don’t necessarily fit easily together. Then I start to daydream how I can make them all get together and work with each other.

Some books I structure carefully from the beginning – I write an outline and then rewrite and rewrite that outline as I progress and the characters and situations change and thicken. Other times, I just throw down about fifty pages of whatever random weirdness comes to my mind then I go back and tame those wild pieces into a structure and a plot line – taming it is misery, but it’s worth it. I think it depends on what kind of story I’m going for. Sometimes I really want to write a traditional-feeling story – like an old yarn, and sometimes I want to do something really quirky. And if it’s quirky, I’d rather not structure it so much at the beginning.

2.Your book covers are some of my favorites (especially Tiger Lily) what is your process of picking out your covers?

I usually offer ideas at the beginning of the process – like mood, symbols, colors (I usually have a color palette in my mind when writing a book). But it’s really mostly the designer, artist and my editor working together to make my covers and me just chiming in here and there. I’m really bad with art. Sometimes I send sketches in and I’m sure they’re just like “Yikes” and then the designer comes back with something way better.

Tiger Lily started out with a very different cover  – it was a painting: the back of Tiger Lily walking in the forest. But the marketing department thought it was kind of depressing– it had such a sadness to it (which was probably why I liked it!). So then they came back with the current cover – which is Tink. And I loved that idea, since the book is really through Tink’s eyes. I thought it was evocative and smart. So really, I ended up loving the final product.

3. And fianlly, if it’s okay for me to ask, are you working on anything at the moment?

I just finished a YA novel called Midnight at the Electric, which will be out next summer. It’s about three girls living in three different time periods: 1911, 1935, and 2065 – and the only link between them (or so they think) is this really old tortoise who gets passed along as a pet over the years. It’s about these tiny moments where we make choices that shape our destiny, and the ways in which we connect to each other despite our flaws. I’m really excited about it.

Okay guys so if you want to read some of Jodi’s books I have her links right below.Love you guys! Bye! ~Blondie






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