My TBR Shame & Reviews

Okay guys so I’ve been having this problem lately where I jus don’t like writing reviews. They’re literally the most boring things to write, i’m sorry. So…do you guys have any suggestions? Because my schedule is boring me to death, but I know if I don’t have some sort of schedule I’ll post like 2 times a month so I’m kind of stuck in between a rock and hard place. If you have any suggestions PLEASE COMMENT THEM!!!

Okay and now onto the TBR portion of this post. I have formed a list of the books on my TBR…and there are currently 28 books on it. And I want to eliminate those books but every time it’s time to pick up a new book I have no idea which book to pick and then I have a whole new list of 1st world problems.

So this is basically a “help a sister out” post but sirisly (sorry I had to) HELP A SISTER OUT!

Love you guys Bye! ~Blondie ❤

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