The Emoji Book Tag

Hey guys it’s Blondie and today, since it’s Sunday I’m going to be doing a book tag!

And what book tag is that? You might ask.


I’ve been reading Harry Potter for the past 2 weeks so I’m kind of stuck in Europian mode so sorry not sorry. 😉

Okay so how this works is I use my most used emojis and match them up with a book…let’s get started.


1. Trials of Apollo/Laughing Emoji

Okay, so if you read my Trials of Apollo review which you can do so by clicking HERE, you know that I thought this book was hiliarious Rick Riordan has the unique ability to make me laugh out loud whilst reading his books.


2. Extraordinary Means/Pineapple Emoji

Okay so this will confuse a lot of people the reason I put these books together is because the pineapple emoji is my favorite emoji at the moment and Extraordinary Means is one of my all time favorite books.


3. Fangirl/The Heart-eyed Emoji

Just because I clearly really like Fangirl.

4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban/the crying emoji

I put these together because this is the only book ever to make me happy cry and sad cry in the same chapter. Actually it’s the only book to ever make me happy cry.

5. The Mortal Instruments/The winky emoji with the tongue sticking out

Okay, I put these together because this emoji is crazy and if you have read The Mortal Instruments series you KNOW that the characters are just a big ball of crazy…mainly Magnus and Jace.

Okay so that’s my book tag. What are your most used emojis? And what’s one of your all time favorite books? Love you guys! Bye! ~Blondie



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