Wednesday Top 5 ~ Top 5 Magical Creatures

Hey guys it’s blondie and today I will be doing a top 5 Wednesday post thingy!

Really got to work on a better intro.

Anyways, this top 5 is about my favorite magical creatures so let’s hop right in.

5. Vampires

Vamps are at the bottom of my list but still very well in the top 5 because of Simon in The Mortal Instruments. That’s literally it. And he was human for like the first 2 books. Anyways, Vamps made it on to this list because of their ancient backgrounds, stunning gulture and over-all coolness!

4. Ghosts

Ghosts are next and I’m not talking about the sheet ghosts that say “Boo!” or Caspar. I’m talking about the spirits that come in the book to warn the protagonists about anoncoming war. Those guys are the best!

3. Unicorns

Okay, this sounds girly but whatever unicorns are freaking awesome! Especially the ones that are totally photoshopped and can talk yeah those ones!

2. Faeries

Okay Fae are like the best things ever. Well, on this list the second. I know this sounds weird but especially when they’re the ones that can’t lie and are totally decieving. They’re just so I don’t even know how to describe it besides AMAZING!

1. Werewolves

If you have ever even met me you should know that I think werewolves are the best things since sliced bread. But only the nice ones like Maia and Jordan from TMI not the kind that try to kill your unborn child and bite you for no reason.

So that’s my list of Top 5 magical creatures. I’ll see you guys on tomorrow with a Thursday Review! Bye! ~Blondie


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Top 5 ~ Top 5 Magical Creatures

  1. Ooh, fun list. Werewolves and unicorns are awesome (vampires not so much–agreed), but I think Ghosts and Faeries would probably be at the top of my list. And what a great picture you chose for this post. I wish I were in that comfy, magical woodland spot right now doing what? Reading a book! 😀


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