I swear I have excuses to why I haven’t posted since like January!

Okay so basically it’s just school. And the fact that I have been juggling my drama club, choir, talent shows, the dozen end of year field trips, etc. etc. But, I’m out of school on Thursday. (May 26th) And this summer is all about me…well you guys. I’m devoting my time to reading, blogging, and of course watching BookTube videos. And Netflix, of course.

Also! What do you guys want me to post about? Do you want me to go back to my old schedule which was…

Sunday ~ Random Book Tag

Monday ~ Book Review

Tuesday ~ Break

Wednesday ~ Top 5 Of Something

Thurdsday ~ Book Review

Friday ~ Break

Saturday ~ Recommendations!

or do you want me to come up with a new schedule all together? Okay guys, I love you and I will see you guys soon.

~Blondie ❤



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