Top 5 Wednesday #2~ Best book to movie adaptations

I was re-watching the PJO movies, which was a HUGE mistake NEVER re-watch those movies NEVER! Anyway, as I was re-watching I figured not all book to movie adaptations could be this bad, so here’s my countdowns to the best YA book to movie adaptations ever.

divergent      divergent_movie_poster_1

5. Divergent

I actually really liked this movie. It also helps that I got to see Ansel Elgort and Shaliene Woodley together again…as siblings. But, needless to say, I have watched this movie so many times that my dad deleted it from our recordings.


The-Maze-Runner-Cover     the-maze-runner-movie-poster-5

4. The Maze Runner

We all know how much I disliked the book. But, surprisingly enough the movie wasn’t half bad. The movie (I’m so sorry) Actually fixed what I thought was wrong with the book, even though it kind of changed the feel of whatever the place was called like right outside of the maze. But, I would exchange that for a sped up version of the book a million times

harrypotter1   harrypotter2

3. Harry Potter

Literally, how could I not add this one in here. Seriously, how could I not have.


If-I-Stay-cover      hr_if_i_stay_1

2. If I Stay

I loved the book. I loved the movie. I love Chloe Grace Mortez. I love Jamie Blackley. Not much more to be said about this one


  1. Sherlock

I LOVE the Television show SOOOO much! And no, it is not just because of Benedict Cumberbatch reasons…well that is part of it but only like 75% percent. I’m kidding! It’s more like 70%.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this ridiculous post. See y’all later. ~Blondie



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