Saturday Recommendations! #2

Okay, this will be what? The fifth time I talk about Mara Dyer this week. Sorry.

But yeah, if you haven’t guessed. My recommendation for this week is the Mara Dyer trilogy. So GOOD! I just want a personal Noah Shaw living in my guest room. Can I buy that on eBay?

Okay, so if you want to here about a spoiler free review on the first two books in the trilogy click here.

Even though this isn’t a review, you’re never going to believe what happens in book 2!

I also, strongly recommend that you marathon this series. It is just SO GOOD! Plus, once you finish book 2, you will only want to read something Mara Dyer. Trust me on this. I had to wait for the third book for almost 2 weeks! It was torture!

The links to all of the places where you can buy these books will be at the bottom of this post! Goodbye folks! ~Blondie

Amazon Link!

Books-a-Million Link!

Goodreads Link!




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