Okay, so I’ve been lazy these past few months and haven’t really posted anything on this blog, and I was thinking and realized I haven’t done a book review since early November. So, starting today I’m going to be posting a book review daily because I have like…10ish stock piled. Also, I’m doing  reading marathon called RYBSAT. It’s a bi-annual marathon (starts on January 19th and end on the 25th) and basically you start on a certain place on your bookshelf and you read as many books as you can from that point on, the only exception to this is stumbling upon a series, in that case you can either read right through the series or you can read one book from the series, and then carry on. ALSO, my goodreads reading goal is 50 books. So, let’s just hope and pray that I miraculously meet my goal. Because, you know, school happens.

Okay, guys, so that’s just a quick little update of what I’m going to be doing with my life. And, I’ll have another post up later today, and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Okay, bye!

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