5 Things That Annoy Me About Bookstores

We all have a mental list of the things in a book store that just blow our top off, I’ve just decided to write about mine.

When there’s a series of books, and the first one of two books are paper-backs, and then the newest release is hardcover.

This tends to happen a lot in my bookstore of choice, (Books-a-million.) And the reason behind it is that, as the books get older, and everyone buys them, they start replacing the older books with paper backs, but then because it’s a series the new release comes out and it’s hardcover. So, the solution to that is buy the books when they come out, or shop online where they have the hardcover and paper-back versions available, and normally for a better price. But d0n’t shop online all the time, we still have to keep the bookstores alive.

When they put a sticker on the front cover.

This is a severe no-no in the book industry. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT put a big red sticker that tells me it’s 40% on the front cover, stick em’ on the back! Or…DON’T PUT A STICKER ON THE BOOK AT ALL!

When a book isn’t where it is suppose to be because they have it on display somewhere else.

I spent 15 minutes looking for a certain book (A Thousand Nights by E.K Johnston) because it wasn’t in the YA, best sellers, or new releases. Even the guy at the store couldn’t find it. For some reason it was on the Christmas Spirit table, now someone who has read that book, or even read my review over it tell me how that has any thing to do with Christmas, or winter, or even jolly good spirit. Ugh.

When there’s a new highly anticipated release, and you get there the day of and BAM! It’s not there.

This happened to me when The Mark of Athena was released, I had been counting down the days until the horrible cliff hanger was solved, and then I run in the store the day of the release, and it wasn’t there. I literally had an internal break down.

When a couple of the books in a series are the original covers and then a couple more are a different cover version.

This has also happened to me. Shout out to Barnes & Noble! As I’ve been recommended to a couple of times, I was going to read The Harry Potter, but of course they had all the books in the old and new paper back versions and they only had The Sorcerer’s Stone in the new hardcover version. Yay.

So, what’s on your list of most annoying things in bookstore? And by the way, I am in no way putting down bookstores, whenever I get a chance I’m walking in one, and browsing squeeling in my head about how happy I am.

So, that’s all folks. Bye guys ~Blondie


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