5 Books I Am Thankful For

As the holiday season is starting up, we all realize that we all have so many things to be thankful for. And of course number 4 on my list (after God, family & food and shelter) is books. Yes, books. Don’t judge me. So, here’s my list of my top 5 books I’m thankful for.

The Percy Jackson Series ~ These are some books that I will always be thankful for. This series is the series that turned me into a reading monster. And I will forever be in debt to Rick Riordan for writing this amazing books series. And if you haven’t read it…READ IT!

The Selection Series ~ This series got me into Dystopian and futuristic and introduced me to The Hunger Games and Divergent. It also is just plainly a really good book series. It also helps that it was described as a cross between The Hunger Games (without the bloodshed) and The Bachelor (without the bloodshed.) I also can’t wait until the final installment-The Crown-is released in May.

Fangirl~ This book is extremely relatable to me, which is amazing considering the main character, Cath, is 5 years older than me. Cath is a fan-fiction writer who is scared that if she tells any of her real friends about they’ll judge her. Which is totally me. She’s obsessed with a fictional book character. Same. This book also gives me hope that I actually have a chance of meeting a guy, because Cath did and she’s just as obsessed with Simon Snow, as I am with Percy Jackson.

Extraordinary Means ~ I’m actually thankful for both Robyn Schneider books, the other being The Beginning of Everything. Because, they both project this message quite clearly. The message is, breathing and surviving is not living, being happy and taking risks, and being “active” is living. And rom those books I’ve decided to start living. Those book are a huge reason why I started my book blog. So, thank you Robyn Schnieder, thank you very much.

I Was Here ~ And lastly I am thankful for this outstanding book by Gayle Forman. I read this book in early September, and loved it. It was right around the time that I lost my uncle, and this book showed me that even through times of great loss, something, or somethings great will come out of it. So, I’m very thankful to Gayle Forman for pulling me back up again.

Okay, so this Thanksgiving I challenge all of you to write a handwritten note to the authors that you are thankful for. Or just do what I did, and write a list of the top 5 books you are thankful for.

And, thank you so much to the authors in this post, and the authors that didn’t quite make the cut. Bye goys ~Blondie

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