TBR Jar Challenger…Sort of

So, I got the idea to do this from katytastic on the YouTube a link to her video over this will be at the end of this blog. So, you’re probably wondering what the heck is this challenge, well it’s where you put the names of a bunch of your TBR books that you have yet to read, in a jar. And then you pull out a name at the beginning of each month, and that book moves to the front of your TBR waiting list. But, I decided to follow Katytastic’s lead and change it up a bit.

The change is that instead of book titles, do book challenges. Like read a book over 500 pages, read a sci-fi book (beacause we all know my issues with sci-fi), etc.

So, here are the 12 bookish challenges I have put into my jar…

  1. Read a sci-fi book
  2. Read a fairy tale/classic re-telling
  3. Read a book you’ve been putting off for over 3 months
  4. Read a book that’s more then 500 pages
  5. Read a John Green book (and don’t roll your eyes at it)
  6. Read a book that someone’s keeps recommending to you
  7. Read a classic
  8. Read a book that has a movie adaptation, then watch the movie
  9. Read a book that you DNF
  10. Read that book everyone’s been talking about but you haven’t read it
  11. Read a new-to-you author
  12. Start a new series

So, that’s my Jar challenge 2015/2016 I’m actually starting it this month so my book challenge of November is “read a John Green book (and don’t roll your eyes at it)

And for this challenge I’m going to be reading Looking For Alaska by John Green, I got this book at then end of the school year last year and now we’re in the middle of this year, so it’s been up there for awhile.

Okay, guys if you want to watch katytastic’s video

Thanks for reading my blog and I’ll write to you guys later ~Blondie

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