Confessions of a Fangirl

*Nervous laughter

I bought an extra copy of The Heir by Kiera Cass just because there was a pre-signed edition.

I bought a tardis headlamp headband because it looked show-accurate

I’m now up to 10,000 Percy Jackson meme’s on my Pinterest

I lost my book and cried for days

When I go in a book store I take pictures of the shelves and post them on instagram

I started reading classic books just to look mature but of course I had to fall in love with them and ended up reading almost every classic.

I was considering driving 7 hours to see Rick Riordan, the only reason was, my mom wouldn’t drive me and I don’t have my license yet.

None of the Rainbow Rowell books have taken me longer then two days to read, and they’re a pretty good size

I’m terrified of going to college, not the actual college part, the part of having to leave my bookshelf behind…

Okay guys, so that’s it for my confessions for today, but you should totally check out my recent blog post by clicking here. And you should watch abookutopia’s video that inspired this post by clicking here. So, that’s all folks write to yeah tomorrow!

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