Book Stories #1 Top 5 Epic Fail Lost/Destoryed Books

Okay, so we’ve all lost books, we’ve all damaged books, and we’ve all lent out book that either never got returned or got returned in horrible condition. Well, I have done all of the above. And today I’m going to be listing off my top 5 epic book fails.

5. The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

This one I was so upset with the person, that I did not speak to them for weeks. Weeks! My friend…let’s call her dudette decided she wanted to read The Scorch Trials by James Dashner. But, she didn’t want to check it out from the library and she didn’t want to go buy it at a book store, so of course she asked me, and of course being the nice person I was, at the time, I said yes. So, I gave it to her andI saw her reading it for like a couple of weeks then all of sudden she was reading another book, and she hadn’t given me my book back. So, I kept asking her where’s my book, what happened to my book, and she’d blow it off every time like, “Oh, uh, yeah I’m still reading it at home, uh, I’ve got to go.” Long story short, she lent it out to her sister’s friend, and then they lent it out to someone else, and that someone else let their 3 year old sister tear it to shreds. I was furious, like I was in serious need of a broom stick. But, the I realized, hey I can’t stand this series so I gave the rest of it to a guy at my school. 🙂

4. One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

Warning: The destruction of this book may scar young viewers.

Okay, so this one I was seriously PO’ed at my dog about. So, about two years ago our school was hosting a book club. I of course joined. So I read the book, which was One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia, it was pretty good, so the day of the book club meeting I was getting ready I had my book on the desk, so on my way out the door, I realized my book was not where I left it. It was in my dog’s mouth. What had happened was, my dog had jumped up on my chair, jumped on the desk, jumped down, with the book in his mouth, and then started ripping it to shreds. So, I wrestled it away from him, he only destroyed one corner, but that one corner was destroyed and you couldn’t read some of the words, so of course I left it at home, and shared a book with one of my friends at book club, because there was no way I was taking a messed up book, to book club

3.The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

This one wasn’t so bad since only the dust jacket was destroyed, but still now on the book shelf the spine looks so weird next to the other books in that series. So, we all know how on the first day of school the teacher tells you to bring like 5 things that represent you and put them in a paper bag. Well, of course my mother wouldn’t let me put the things in the bag, and she did it for me. When I got to school I realized she had folded up the dust jacket of The Son of Neptune and put it in the bag, I almost lost it then and there in the middle of math class. When I got home and took it out and showed her what a folded mess it was she totally didn’t see the issue. So, I had to throw it in the trash and now my Heroes of Olympus collection looks super weird. Thanks Mom.

2 ~ If I Stay by Gayle Forman

When I bought If I Stay I had no clue there was a sequel, so when I found out my friend was reading it, I kindly asked my mother to buy it for me given that I was broke. She said no. So, I figured out that my friend reading the sequel hadn’t read If I Stay so we decided to trade off. 2 months later, I had given her, her book back weeks before, but I still didn’t have my book, a month later, still didn’t have my book,2 weeks later I found out she had accidently dropped it in the toilet and was not willing to refund me. I think steam came out of my ears. 2 years later, I still have not been paid back the 10 dollars I spent on that book.

1 ~ Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

This actually happened today and inspired my blogging my Top 5 Book Fails, sotoday at school it was a half day and I spent most of it reading given nothing else was going to happen. So, around leaving time I left the classroom to go go outside with everyone else, I left my stuff in the cafeteria, like everyone else, and when I went to go get my stuff, my book was MIA, someone friggin’ stole my book. So, J’m going to try to find it on Monday, but if not I’m going to have to spend money on a book I already bought.

So, that’s all guys comment your top 5 fails, and tell me if you like the Book Stories, and if I should make it a regular series or nah. You can read my most recent post here. (It’s about a book I didn’t manage to loose or get destroyed!)

So that’s all folks blog to you later! ~Blondie

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