A Thousand Nights Book Review

The creatures that live here crawl beneath a crippling sun, eking what living they can from the sand before they are returned to it, as food for the sand-crows or worse. We are not troubled by the sun, and sand is but a source of momentary discomfort to us. We are stronger, hardier, and better suited to life. Yet we struggled here, when first we came.

Hey guys, I’ve finally finished this book after what 7 days. Ugh. But, it doesn’t matter because right now I’m reviewing it, and I should be about half way done with my next book tomorrow, and by January 1st I will have completed my goal of 15 book in November and December. (For more about my goals read my latest update here!)

Okay, so this book reminds me a lot of The Maze Runner trilogy. Not the story or the characters or even the writing style. But the wazy the author (E.K Johnston) sets it up. As we all know some books take longer for the motive of some characters to unfold, and for the climax to just kind of build up. But I’ve never seen it take this long. The climax of this book basically starts to unravel around page 250 or 260, TWO-SIXTY! That’s a lot of pages. And that’s probably why I was tempted to set it down so many times. But, the writing style and the characters were so engaging that half of you wants new material, but the other half needs to know what these nameless characters were going to say. Oh, did I mention? No one in this book has a name except for the king who’s name is Lo-Melkiin. (Don’t judge they’re Arabian)

So, basically what I’m saying is it’s a slow set-up time for the climax to unravel, but the set up time is greatly needed, because really without the 200 pages of setup time, and only 100 or something even if you did move it along a little faster it wouldn’t make much sense.

So, I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars. Was it great? Yes. Was it beautiful? yes. Was it engaging? Not really. But, I still very much enjoyed this book, and this author had a very unique take on this book, where the king was possessed by a demon, and it wasn’t really his choice to go off killing hundreds and hundreds of young girls.

So, that’s for this review if you want to read the official summary on Amazin.com click here. To read about this author click here.And to read my most recent post click here.

That’s all guys. Bye! ~Blondie

Bye guys! ~Blondie

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