New Update & Yes I Am Crazy!

Hey guys, so this is more of an update post then anything else. As I hope you know 2016 is approaching very quickly, so I decided I needed to actually set some goals and change the ways I get all of my stuff done, in the new year. First off, before 2016 starts I want to end 2015 with a bang. So in November and December I’m going to…try to read at least 15 books. I know it’s a crazy goal considering It’s November 11th and I’ve only read a book and a half. But, I honestly think I can do it, even if it means skipping out on Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, and Black Friday. Okay, I’m not that determined but I seriously want to do this. I’m also going to be setting a goal for 2016 of 100 books. I know, I’m crazy but I really want to achieve these goals, and I’m going to try with everything in my power to achieve them. Yeah, I’ve completely lost my mind.

Also I’m really getting into choir, and guitar, and drama club, and just school in general so this is going to be pretty difficult and I’ll probably end up never leaving the house without a book and my laptop for the rest of my life. I mean I already do that but even more so.

So, that’s it for that update, in the comments tell me your 2016 goals, and are going to try to end 2015 with a bam like I am, or do you actually have some brain cells that are not screaming “READ! WRITE! MAKE CRAZY GOALS! FANGIRL!” on loop? ~Blondie

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