I Was Here Book Review

I tried to write an eulogy for that service. I did. I pulled out the disc that Meg had burned of firefly songs for inspiration. The third one up was the Bishop Allen song “Fireflies.” I don’t know if I had ever really listened to the words before, because when I did it was like a smack from her grave: It says you can still forgive her, and that she will forgive you back. But I don’t know that I can. And I don’t know what she did. I told her parents that I was sorry, that I couldn’t give an eulogy, because I couldn’t think of anything to say. It was the first time I ever lied to them.

-I Was Here by Gayle Forman

How did this book come from Gayle Forman? I needed answers like yesterday. Gayle went from inspiring stories about staying, and after you’ve stayed. To inspiring stories about being here, and finding love by chance. To inspiring stories about after you’ve gone and the aftershock you will leave.


This book is about a girl named Cody, who just lost her best friend Meg to suicide a couple of months before the book began. And, it follows her going to Meg’s college in Seattle to unravel why she really decided to drink a bottle of industrial-strength cleaner alone in a ratty old motel room. What she finds is horrible, but one good thing, or slightly annoying, very jerkish, but still very attractive is Ben McAllister. A boy who broke Meg’s heart. They go across the country to try to find why Meg did what she did.

Obviously I really enjoyed this book, but the one bad thing is that you really can’t connect with Cody. Yes, I understood she was grieving in her own way, and that you’re not suppose to connect with her. But, you end up not knowing leaving a plot whole, because Cody can’t express what she’s feeling on an emotional level. There were a couple of points during reading in which I wanted to stop just because it was getting a bit dull. But I am very glad  that I held out though because the ending was where Forman packed the most emotion. And a little bit of a climax/plot twist.

S out of 5 stars I give this book a 4, because of all the plot holes and dull moments. But, none the less this book is definitely my 2nd or 3rd favorite, right up there by If I Stay and Where She Went, and is probably tied with If I Stay, because I honestly like Where She Went better then If I Stay. Also, I recommend this book if you’re stuck in a reading slump, because, it got me out of one after reading the selection series.

So, that’s all folks! ~Blondie

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