October Wrap Up and November TBR

You are all going to hate me for this one but I can live with that.

No for this wrap-up I don’t have a lot to account for, I read a total of 3 books in October. I know, I know just behead me already.

Book Numero Uno (Book Number One for those of you who don’t speak Spanish): The Coldest Girl In Coldtown by Holly Black. I purchased this book in either June or July and just never got around to it until early October. And I managed to finish it on Halloween. The reason it took so long is because about 100 pages in, Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan were released about a day after I started it. So, I told myself that I would finish TCGICT before I read Carry On or Magnus Chase but…that didn’t happen. But I did manage to finish it a few days ago, and a review will be up shortly 🙂

Book Number 2: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. This book is the sole reason I only read 3 books in the month of October. Firstly, it stop me from finishing a really good book. Secondly, I took my time reading this book because I didn’t want the Rainbow Rowell magic to end quickly. And thirdly, well there isn’t a third reason but I just like the word thirdly. 

And the final book: Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider. I read this book in 5 hours. That’s how extraordinarily extraterritorially out of the worldly amazing this book was. It even made me cry. And I don’t cry over books easily. Do I get depressed over good people dying and don’t leave my room for hours, and become a hermit? Yes. But do I cry? No. This is how rare me crying over a book is, I didn’t cry when I read The Fault In Our Stars, Allegiant, The Blood of Olympus, or The Maze Runner trilogy. Yeah I bet you’re really running to the bookstore for this book now. Not. ( Oh and you can read my really rushed review on this by clicking on this link https://blondiesbookshelf.wordpress.com/2015/11/02/extraordinary-means-book-review/)

November TBR

Now the fun part, where I make a list of all the books I need to read, and I end up actually only reading one and then making up a whole new list through-out November. :).

Okay the 1st book on my TBR is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I’m actually almost done with this one and should be done by either tommorow or the day after the that.

2nd book: A Thousand Years by E.K Johnston. Um I bought this book on Halloween because a few people recommended it to me. So, now it’s on my ever-growing TBR.

3rd book: Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. I bought this book in May and it’s been on my TBR ever since. And I was actually really exited about reading this, but of course I had to go and buy No Parking at the End Times at the same time and I just never got around to it but I swear I will…eventually.

4th and final book: Magnus Chase and the sword of summer by Rick Riordan. I have been anxious about this book ever since it was announced in 2013, 2 years ago. And now that I have it on my bookshelf I just want to wait to read it. Because, if having a Percy Jackson fan account and being a hardcore fan for almost 5 years has taught me anything it’s that reason Rick Riordan books take a lot out of you, and increase your sass levels by like 500%. So that’s my excuse for that one.

So that’s my bare minimum TBR. And my disappointing Wrap Up. And I’m making up for last month with this month, and my goal for this month is 6 books but fingers crossed. ~Blondie


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