Extraordinary Means Book Review

Robyn Shneider, the author to this book wrote one of my most favorite books ever. (The Beginning of Everything). So, to say I had high-expectations going into this book is an understatement. But, to say this book exceeded my high-expectations is also an understatement. This book was so amazing, I cried. Literally. And, this is how rare me crying over a book is, I didn’t cry when I read The Fault In Our Stars, or Allegiant. So basically, Robyn Shneider has skills. So, this book is set in the not too distant future, I’d say maybe a year or two, and Tuberculosis, I disease that invaded are world a century ago, has returned. And it’s completely drug-resistant, so basically making there no way to get rid of it. So, what do you do if there’s a spreading disease, that’s highly contagious, but there’s no treatment? You build twisted versions of boarding schools, where the sick are held, and breakfast is easier to fail then French. And, inside this horrible, insane world, there’s a dude named Lane, he’s 17, and doesn’t have time for anything besides building his college resume. So, imagine when he get’s an illness that basically is screaming in his face “Hey, bruh sorry but everything that you’ve been working for, for the last decade of your life was for nothing…and yeah, no college for you.” Also, by chance in the same, Hospital/Boarding School is Sadie. Sadie, and lane know eachother, one more vividly then the other. And this amazing story’s point of view translates between the two of them. Which, really in all honesty made the book what it is. So, snaps to Robyn Shneider everyone. The after math of me reading this book (In 6 hours might I add)is me wishing upon a star that Robyn Shneider will release another ah-mazing book. Maybe, possibly, five amazing books. Maybe? What I can dream right? So, to finish up this review, I would recommend this book to anything that moves. This book was so superb that if I don’t think I could take a match to it, if I was freezing to death and it was the only thing I could make a fire out of. Yeah, I know I’m really clingy when it comes to good books.

So, until my next blog post remember, keep your nose in a book…that’s an order. Bye guys ~Blondie. 😉

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