Everything That Makes You Book Review

Everything That Makes You is a coming-of-age, feel-good story…with a twist. Moriah McStay, the author of this book took a topic all of us wonder about, but none of us complete the thoughts. She took the story of one girl, and then she made the girl completely different just with one thing in her life not happening. I bet you’re really confused right now, just hold on I’m about to explain. This book follows two versions of one girl (Fiona Doyle) one version of Fiona, is in love with the guitar, loves song-writing, is a little shy, and has a mega-super crush on Trent McKinnon. The other version of Fiona, better known as Fi, is a lacrosse super-star with her whole future laid out in front of her, that is until she suffers an injury taking away all her dreams of being on the best lacrosse team in the nation. As if this book isn’t ironic enough, Fi’s bestfriend is Fiona’s crush, Trent. And throughout the book Fi and Trent try to figure out what a random kiss at a party means. Now, I bet you’re wondering what this big difference that changed one person’s life, and a lot of the people around her’s lives. Well, this big thing is Fiona’s face is completely scarred on one side, where as Fi is completely scar free.

Out of five stars, I gave this book a five star review on good reads. I loved this book, because it’s the first of it’s kind. You don’t see this plot very often, yes you might see Fi’s basic plot line a couple of places, and same for Fiona, but you never see the two stories intertwined together in such a way where they play off of each other, yet never touch. It’s just like magic. If Moriah McStay wrote another book, I would buy it and read it in a heart-beat. So, if anyone has Moriah’s number tell her for me that she needs to write another book. I recommend this book if you’re into contemporary romance with slight-twists.

Well, that’s all folks. Until my next post, keep your nose in a book! ~Blondie

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