Recounting October 6th Madness

Okay, can we just stop for a minute and recount October 6th, 2015? It was one of the biggest days in book history. Wait, do we have a book history book? Because we don’t I will totally write it! Okay, back on subject. So basically October 6th was such a big deal because, first off Stephanie Meyers (author of Twilight and what some would say YA’s founder) think the unthinkable. Rainbow Rowell published a book with-in a book’s fan fiction, and Rick Riordan created a whole new world for us to explore! AHHHH! CAUTION LOTS OF FANGIRLING WILL OCCUR DURING THIS BLOG POST!

So, your probably wondering “What in-genius, sneaky thing did Meyers pull on us this time? Well…SHE RELEASED A GENDER-BENT VERSION OF TWILIGHT! Can we just freak out for a second? Yes? Okay. AHHHHHHHHH! *fangirls extremely. This new book is called “Life and Death: Twilight Re-Imagined” but here’s the twist, half is the gender-bent version, half is the original twilight. HOW FREKAING AWESOME IS THAT? And the average person may ask, “How the heck did Meyers get away with it this time?” Well…she played it off as a 10th anniversary book with bonus content, and truth be told it is…but it isn’t…Way to go Stephanie you’ve successfully fried my brain and I’m not even half way down with this blog post! So, yeah that just happened. BOOM!

And the next huge book release was Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, now has is this so weird? Well, some of you may remember Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and how in that book the main character (Cath) was obsessed with a Harry Potter spin-off (The Simon Snow Series) about a young magician with unusually strong powers, and is an orphan. Huh? But the main character wrote fan fiction about this series called Carry On, Simon. Do you see what I’m getting at? RAINBOW ROWELL JUST PUBLISHED A BOOK WITHIN A BOOK’S FANFICTION WRITTEN BY THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THE BOOK THAT WITH HOLDS THE ORIGINAL BOOK. That just got really confusing. But, it makes sense okay, it just does. (By the way I’m about half way into Carry On and it is AMAZING!)

The next big thing that happened was something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and by a long time I mean ever since the House of Hades came out in October of 2013. That’s a long stinking time for a Rick Riordan fan, such as myself. Rick Riordan has created yet another fantastical world for all of us to enjoy, it’s called Magnus chase and The Gods of Asgard. (IF you didn’t already know) *Squeals. Rick Riordan will forever be my favorite author, and the author I am the most thankful to. Percy Jackson, basically introduced me to my love of reading, before I discovered Percy Jackson, I was reading the little boring chapter books, that are the transition from the picture books, and that no one likes. And then Percy Jackson saved me. THANK YOU RICK RIORDAN! HALLELUJAH! So obviously I have been very excited for this book, (To be honest I completely forgot Carry On came out in October, and no one new about the twilight spin-off.) And I’m gong to a book signing in Katy, Texas on October 11, 2015. That is featuring Rick Riordan So if you’re there come say Hi! I love you guys! And until my next post keep your nose in a book! That’s an order! ~Blondie

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